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Zentas Malbec Reserve

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Zentas Malbec Reserve

z001Malbec Reserve

Mendoza Valley, Argentina

To the sight: Intense deep red color with black and violet hues.
To the nose: It is complex, plums with aromas of red berries and figs appear a soft tobacco and vanilla smell as secondary aromas.
To the palate: It is fresh, sweet, and creamy with a touch of dry fruit and a long finish. Superb tannins standout, giving a great velvet body to the wine.

Ideal to accomplish with soft cheeses, dry fruits as nuts, chocolate mousse, and some barbecues.

Alcohol: 13.70%
PH: 3.6
Total Acidity: 4.61 g/1

This Malbec comes from our own vineyard surrounding the winery. Altitude: 1050m or 3214 ft. Age of vines 22 years.

Hand -Harvested during first week of April, keeping a correct ripen between tannins and sugar levels. Stemming machine is used to obtain whole berries, keep the fruit and avoid oxidation process. The Alcoholic fermentation takes 10 days. We carefully keep the temperature controlled, doing Several pump over and delestages according the daily analysis and tasting of wines. We allow complete malolactic fermentation of red wines to enhance this characteristics and complexity of them. In all the process we provide a long contact time with American and French Oak.
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