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Hayes Ranch Cabernet Sauvignon

Hayes Ranch Cabernet Sauvignon

Hayes_Ranch_CabCabernet Sauvignon


The Hayes Family was a true California ranching family whose livelihood depended on the land. The Wente Family Estates winemaking team carries on the Hayes family tradition by crafting bright, delicious wines from premier California vineyards.

This Cabernet Sauvignon comes from select vineyards in California with warm days and cool nights. These vineyards are characterized by a long growing season which helps develop ripe and round fruit flavors. Each vineyard was harvested and fermented separately in upright stainless steel fermenters. Rack and return, which is the process of draining all of the free-run juice off the cap and then returning the free-run juice back over the top of the fermenter, was performed twice daily. This method increases color and tannin extraction and improves the mouthfeel through the integration of oxygen. This wine was aged for 12 months in neutral oak.

Flavors of red cherry, anise, and a hint of vanilla, abound in this Cabernet Sauvignon. This wine is well balanced with medium tannins, a smooth mid-palate and a spicy, coffee finish.
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