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One Leaf Merlot

Menu Item Types: One Leaf
One Leaf Merlot

One Leaf MerlotMerlot

APPELLATION     Sonoma Valley, CA

ANALYSIS            0.51 total acid
                               3.60 PH
                               13.5% alcohol, by volume

BLEND                   79%  Merlot
                                15% Petite Sirah
                                5% Zinfandel

Source for our Merlot were selected from among the best coastal growing regions in California’s Sacramento River Delta Region.   In these areas, warm sunny days provide optimum grape ripening, while Pacific Ocean fog create cool nights and maintain the acidity in the grapes, resulting in a balanced Merlot full of flavor.

Aged 6 months in French Oak barrels.

This Merlot is a rich garnet color, with flavors of black cherries, plums, and figs, with a soft, smooth finish. With its balanced acidity and ripe fruit flavors, this wine is an easy match with a wide range of main courses.

One Leaf WITH
     ♦ Meats
     ♦ Pasta
     ♦ Vegetarian Dishes

BEST BUY – Wine Enthusiast, June 2015
SILVER MEDAL – Beverage Testing Institute, 2015
82 POINTS – Ultimate Wine Challenge, 2015
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