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Kiara Bella Sparkling Wine

Menu Item Types: Kiara Bella
Kiara Bella Sparkling Wine

Sparkling Wine

Appellation:       California
Varietal:             French Columbard 85%
                           Chardonnay 15%
Alcohol:              11%
pH:                       3.11

Lively aromas of nectarine and citrus are propelled on crisp sparkling bubbles, dancing on a palate of green apple.

Produced off-dry by the Chamat method for balance and a clean, refreshing finish. The just detectable sweetness awakens the palate as a versatile aperitif playfully setting the stage for spicy, bitter herbaceous and other complex flavors, yet dry enough to stimulate the appetite. Naturally bright acidity holds up to fresh seafood and brings lightness when paired with deep-fried dishes and cream based sauces.

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