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Pinot Noir

Menu Item Types: One Leaf
Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir

APPELLATION     Sonoma Valley, CA

ANALYSIS            0.53 total acid
                               3.71 PH
                               13.9% alcohol, by volume

BLEND                   97% Pinot Noir
                                3% Syrah

Our winemaker selected grapes from vineyards across California’s best cool climate growing regions.  With warm, sunny days moderated by cooling influences, conditions in these areas create an ideal climate for growing Pinot Noir.

The wine was fermented on the skins for five to seven days, followed by a gentle pressing to avoid extracting any harsh tannin from the seeds or skins.

The flavors of this full-bodied wine are ripe and the texture soft, so it gives a feeling of being broad and relaxed on the palate. Aromas recall cola and dark berries, and the flavors resemble stewed cherries.

One Leaf WITH
     ♦ Grilled chicken
     ♦ Fusilli pasta tossed with extra virgin olive oil
     ♦ Pizza with wild mushrooms and Taleggio cheese

BEST BUY – Wine Enthusiast, Jan. 2020
BEST BUY – Wine Enthusiast, Nov. 2016
SILVER MEDAL – Beverage Testing Institute, 2015
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