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Sweet Red

Menu Item Types: One Leaf
Sweet Red

One Leaf Sweet RedSweet Red

APPELLATION     Mendoza Valley, Argentina

ANALYSIS           0.75 total acid
                              3.90 PH
                              13.5% alcohol, by volume

BLEND                  30% Organic Cabernet Sauvignon
                             25% Criolla Grande
                             20% Organic Malbec
                             15% Organic Merlot
                             10% Carmenere

Source from Argentina best growing region, where grapes reach full maturity and expression, perfected combination between a rigorous care of the vineyard, irrigated by melting water of Los Andes Mountains.

These grapes were harvested and fermented in upright stainless steel tanks.

Taste predominant cherry and sour cherries with sweet tannins. A balance wine with that surround your palate with sweetness notes. A partner of great moments of Love.

One Leaf WITH
     ♦ Chipotle beef tenderloin   ♦ Prime rib
     ♦ Spiced pecans                     ♦ Sweet & sour pork
     ♦ Porterhouse steak              ♦ Leg of lamb
     ♦ Mango and cucumber salmon
     ♦ Sugar cookies with cinnamon sugar

BRONZE MEDAL – Beverage Testing Institute, 2015
84 POINTS – Ultimate Wine Challenge, 2015
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