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Pinot Grigio

Menu Item Types: One Leaf
Pinot Grigio

Pinot Grigio 

APPELLATION        Italy

ANALYSIS              0.60 total acid
                                 3.2 PH
                                 12.5% alcohol, by volume

VARIETIES               100% Pinot Grigio

The grapes were gently pressed and fermented in upright stainless steel tanks. The fermentation was kept cold to ensure a slow process that retains the natural fruit flavors inherent in the grapes.

This Pinot Grigio has an excellent aromatic profile, where fruits and flowers are well mix. Freshness and good sapidity give sweetness and long palate taste. It is excellent with food or can be enjoyed on its own.

One Leaf WITH
♦ Salty Cheeses               ♦ Guacamole
♦ Asian Takeout              ♦ Tropical Fruit
♦ White Fish                     ♦ Ham
♦ Hors D’oeuvres            ♦ Evenings on the porch

GOLD MEDAL – Beverage Testing Institute, 2017
BEST BUY – Wine Enthusiast, October 2016
SILVER MEDAL – Beverage Testing Institute, 2015
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